Eurotech 7000

Eurotech 7000

Eurotech 7000 Polish/Glaze has earned the title of "the absolute finest polish and glaze in the world". EuroTech 7000 Polish/Glaze was formulated to mirror all the qualities of a long-standing, premium, German auto polish by the name of Bolit 707. Bolit 707 was such an outstanding auto polish that it was the recipient of numerous, prestigious awards at many European auto shows and Concours events over the years. EuroTech 7000 Polish/Glaze was formulated with these very same qualities in mind. Since 1984 EuroTech 7000 Polish/Glaze has been the premier, cutting edge auto polish for aficionados, enthusiasts, and devotees across the USA. EuroTech 7000 products are also promoted by a variety of racing teams and car clubs.

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